Heartfelt thanks to our volunteers, members of the Generations Foundation Family.

First and foremost, thank you to the Board of Directors as they are indeed volunteers!

Helping to keep our delivery operations running smoothly: 
Fred, Larry and George

General Helpers:
Debbie S., Diane, Harvey, Lorna, Moe, Terri, Tony, Lower Canada College Students

Daily Lunch:
Debbie F., Carole, Natalie Z., Mona, Amanda, Sabrina, Kayla and numerous others at our schools and centers.

Partners reaching out to help: 
Principals, Teachers, Counselors, Special Educators, Lunch Supervisors, Secretaries and Janitors.

Students going the extra mile at both public and private schools:
Westmount High School, St. Willibrord, Chambly Academy , Lakeside Academy, Marianopolis College,
Lower Canada College, Trafalgar School for Girls and others.

Camp Partners: 
Amy Molson and Trails End Camp
Social Workers, Batshaw

Special heartfelt thanks to our Board of Directors who double as fundraisers for the Generations Foundation, ensuring support in our community.

A great big hurrah and heartfelt thanks, to all our donors, who give of their time and treasure and truly make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Thank you to volunteer:
Katherine Calder-Becker, for website maintenance and
Francois Dinel, Technical Support.

To be a volunteer, email:  charity@generationsfoundation.com.
To donate, call 514.933-8585 or email

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