Community & Citizenship Award: 
This award recognizes a student who demonstrate the qualities of active participation in community activities, good scholarship and school involvement.  At Graduation, students are presented with a laptop recognizing his or her achievement and a special Generations Foundation Citizenship and Community Award Plaque in a tribute to the recipient.

The following criteria should be used as a guideline in selecting students for this award: 

FinancesThe student comes from a financially needy family.  The home situation is such that the family would not have the means to provide the student with this additional educational tool (a laptop). This award would greatly enhance the student’s possibility to achieve educational success.
Citizenship - The student must be regarded as dependable, and demonstrate respect for people, property, and the law. This student promotes citizenship with their school and/or community through other activities. Example: Volunteers their services at health care facilities, senior groups, shelters, day care centers and religious organizations etc.)
Attitude - The student is courteous, helpful and caring in his or her relationships with other students and adults. Show a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and community
Academics - The student continually strives to the limits of his or her abilities, both in the classroom and in the home, to achieve those personal, academic goals which his or her teachers believe are within reach of the student. (This in no way implies that the candidate must be academically superior but rather, with some encouragement would do much better.)
Service - The student readily and unselfishly helps others at home, at school and in the community to a degree that is judged exceptional for a young person of the candidate’s age.
Leadership - The student demonstrates an ability to work with and motivate others, has sound values, good judgment, a sense of fairness, and has earned the respect of his or her peers.
Sportsmanship - The student demonstrates an earnest attempt to do his or her best during athletic competitions, shows a respect for the rules of that competition, and in terms of priorities, places the success of the team above a need for personal advancement. (This criteria does not imply that the student must be an outstanding athlete.)
Attendance - The student must have good school attendance

We thank Best Buy Canada who generously donated laptops in support of our Citizenship and Community Awards at graduation.

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