I am very pleased to take the opportunity to write a few words to you all, who have contributed your time as well as showing your generosity to the success of the Generations Foundation. 

Since its inception in 1999, we have gone from very humble service to feeding approximately 8,000 students in Montreal and vicinity.

This year it seems as though we will reach our budget income and even more in order to serve more children.

We as citizens of Montreal have a duty to the children of Montreal, no matter what background they come from, and it pleases me so much to head up such a vital organization as the Generations Foundation, with such dedicated people working together for our children.  My school motto is “NON NOBIS SOLUM” – “NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE””. Let us follow this precept and go forward with vigor and do the job -  ‘FEED THE CHILDREN’.


Message from the Vice President

Children represent the future of any society, hopefully as contributing members rather than as burdens, and we all know that education is a crucial element of the development of productive citizens. Unfortunately, in a large city such as Montreal, there are many children who cannot benefit from the education that is available because of their family circumstances. Poverty with its associated hunger is a major impediment to learning, and this is where Generations Foundation is able to help in ensuring that disadvantaged children will receive sufficient nourishment to allow them to be attentive and to improve their knowledge and skills.

We sincerely hope that those who come to hear about Generations Foundation will help us with the vital task of feeding the hungry children in our midst.

Vice President


Board of Directors

Président /President
Leslie Butt

Vice-président /Vice-President
Enrica Uva

Leslie Butt

Directeur général/Executive Director
Adrian Bercovici

Wendy Albert
James Barriere
Voula Demopoulos
Dora Giancola
Alida Iannuzzi
Farrel Miller
Georgia Remond
Dominic Talarico
Enrica Uva
Howard Wiseman
Christina Yannakis

In Memoriam
Colin Spencer
William Lionel Brookes
William Spears

Brian Davidson
June Patricia Green
David Haines
David Hannaford
Michael Sochaczevski

Président antérieurs/Past President
David Lisbona
James A. B. Evans
Giovanni (John) Gaudelli

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