Generations Foundation spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on food that greatly benefit children in schools and other learning centers.

We are constantly in need of cheese strings, cheddar cheese, pure juice, fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers and cookies, pita bread, whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, canned tuna, salmon, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetable - please no item containing peanuts or peanut oil or any indication that there may be a possibility.  Food should have a good expiry date.

These foods will assist in programs as follows:
Breakfast Program
Hot Meal Program
Light Lunch Program
Snack Program for Schools
Food Program for Learning Centers
Snacks for After School Homework Program
Snacks for Fitness Programs

Kindly view our "
How to Help" page.

Always needed: Monetary donations to support our camp program.  We need funding to get the young children and teenagers out of the city  and into the country for fresh air activities in July and August.

Sponsor a child or teen for two weeks or more! View our Summer Camp Program Page!


We require brand new items for our gift giving program:
musical toys, cds, dvds, players, ipods, guitars for visually and physically impaired, cameras, watches and other such as dolls, robots, other scientific, board games, art memorabilia or clothing, jerseys, caps, sticks, skates, helmets, footballs, magazines...other new clothing for students from babies to teens.

School Supplies
Ruled paper, Hilroy exercise books, pens, binders, pencils,colored pencils, scissors,washable markers, erasers, sharpeners, art supplies etc.

Holiday Gift Program
Girls Items 6-14 Years :
Arts and crafts boxed kits, beading, knitting
Jewellery, bracelets, chains, pendants
Gift cards to Walmart, Winners, Old Navy 6-14 yrs.
New winter coats
Art supplies
Board games
Dolls, Barbies

Boys Items 8-14 Years :
Build-it games or projects
Gift cards for Walmart, Old Navy  8 to 14 yrs.
New winter coats
Sports Jerseys
Family board games
Robotical toys
Scientific games or kits

Special Rewards Program Girls or Boys:
New laptops

Thank you for your kind consideration and generosity!

If your company has a product/products to donate to help raise funds for Generations Foundation's food programs or for our camp program, it would be very much appreciated.

Kindly contact Adrian or Natalie at (514) 933-8585 or email us at:

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