How you can help a child, a senior, a family in need:

A) $15 buys a child milk and orange juice for a month

B) $20 buys a child snacks for a month

C) $25 buys a child healthy breakfast for a month

D) $80 buys a child a hot full-course meal for a month

E) $200 buys a child 2 weeks at country camp

F) $500 buys a holiday meal for 100 children

G) $300 sponsorship of an award at graduation - Annual Citizenship and Community Award Program

H) $50 buys a child a new gift for the holidays - Give a Gift Program for a child/student, ... musical instrument, art supplies, sports equipment for after-school activities)

I) $100 buys a family in crisis a Food Basket

J) $50 buys a senior in crisis a Food Basket

More ways to make a differnece!


$18 minimum per name: Greetings, Memorials, Special Birthdays--whatever the case may be--we will send an appropriate message from you as requested by you.

Generations Foundation can benefit from your generosity by a donation of stock for which you will receive a full tax receipt for the value of the stock and you will not have to pay the capital gains tax on the donated stock.


Help us to raise the necessary funds purchase new vehicles for our deliveries. Your business logo will be affixed on our vehicles.

How to donate :

Payment may be made to the Generations Foundation by cheque, money order, credit cards :
Visa, American Express or MasterCard.  Online donations cannot be exicuted at this time. 

Click to go to the donation form then fax or mail it to the fax number or mailing address shown at the top of the form (Click here for the form). If you have questions, please email : or call (514) 933-8585.  Thank you.

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